Everyone in your school benefits from our proactive service.


  • Action high-level management data and demonstrate effective leadership
  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation and school inspection frameworks
  • Reduce the risk, rate and duration of staff absence
  • Ensure staff return to work sooner & healthier
  • Enhance recruitment & reduce staff turnover
  • Reduced long-term insurance premiums


  • Access to a personalised health report & action plan
  • Positively influence staff wellbeing provision improvements
  • Access helplines, counselling & physiotherapy
  • Increased performance & productivity in school to free up time at home
  • Build positive relationships with children, colleagues & parents
  • Higher morale, motivation & job satisfaction
  • Better overall health & wellbeing


  • Familiarity in the classroom
  • Access to high quality teaching
  • Consist of pastoral, social, emotional & behavioural support
  • Development of positive relationships with staff Improved academic outcomes