Our Courses

Our interactive health courses are designed to equip employees with the ability to create long-term changes to their health. Often, courses can delve into more detail than individual seminars.

Listed below are our most popular courses. We can also deliver bespoke courses on request to meet your workplace needs.

Mental health first aid

Equip your employees with the skills needed to confidently identify and support colleagues in need.

Weight management

Educate employees with an evidence based, long-term solution to achieving a healthy weight.

Preventing MSK pain

Learn how to reduce the risk of MSK complications developing in the workplace.

Optimal lifestyle

Find out how small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your health & wellbeing.

Peak performance

Discover the secrets behind how health can boost workplace performance and productivity.

Our Seminars

Our specialist health seminars are designed specifically to tackle key workplace health issues. Seminars are delivered in an engaging format, lasting 90 minutes.

Listed below are our most popular seminars. We can also deliver bespoke seminars on request to meet your workplace needs.

Mental health awareness

Raise awareness of mental health and take the  first step towards building a culture of psychological wellbeing.

Building resilience

Enable employees to become more resilient by improving their abilities to cope with daily challenges.

Energy efficiency

Unlock the secrets behind maximising your energy levels throughout the day, to perform at your peak.

Changing behaviours

Empower employees to make positive health changes through building sustainable and effective habits.

Sleep hygiene

Find out how to harness the power of high quality sleep to supercharge your health and wellbeing.